Open House

13 08 2014


Busy Mind

8 09 2011

Spoiler alert – this post is about one of my listings 😉

My mind is busy, stuffed, running, going 100 miles a minute, cluttered. What ever you want to call it, I had a lapse in focus this morning because of this Busy Mind issue. I don’t know about all of you but when I shower I have a routine. Shampoo, condition, face, body, rinse (top to bottom). Well, while my mind was focused somewhere else my shower got all confused and out-of-order 🙂


This is where my mind was!!

I was thinking about one of my listing this morning. We just reduced the price to $614,900. This picture is gorgeous but doesn’t do the home justice. You can read about the home specs on my featured listing page. That is besides the point.

The point is…I have come up with a solution to the shower predicament I found myself in this morning. You need to buy this home. Give me a call, I’ll get it all set up and worked out for you 😀