Fear the Deer

18 01 2018


Some time ago I was showing a home to a Mother and her three daughters (2 teenagers and a toddler). This particular home was in a very rural area, so no streetlights and because she works we were viewing this house late in the evening.

I pull up a few minutes early and there is a heard of dear in the front yard. Now I’m mostly a country girl so my thoughts were somewhere along the lines of “this is so cool”. I left my headlights on so I could enjoy watching them. By the time my client got there they had moved off to the trees at the side of the house.

So out of the car and into the house we go. There is electricity, so lights go on we take a tour and lights go off. Once we are outside we notice how dark it really is. Headlights have automatically turned off while we were inside and we can barely see the cars now.

No big deal, I’ll just pull out the flash light on my phone. Problem is while I am fumbling around trying to do that it becomes apparent that the deer are back. These guys were super cute and fun to watch while I was protected by the nice, hard, metal shell of my car. Out in the open, in the dark, all we could hear were these massive deer moving all around.

The 2 teenagers scream hysterics and dart off to their car, while my clients is trying to rangle the little one and get to her car as quick as possible. I hadn’t really thought about it much but it is extremely hard to keep your professional calm, while secretly freaking out, with girls screaming and running by.

My clients get to their car and are just fine but it doesn’t end there. For some reason these deer don’t seem to have a problem with screaming girls and continue to mill around my car, blocking my driver’s side door.

What did I do you ask? Well I took the cowards route and climbed through the passenger’s door and over the center console. All was well with the world now that I have my metal safety net from the big bad deer.

What is a Short Sale?

22 12 2011

10 Options instead of Foreclosure

7 11 2011


Busy Mind

8 09 2011

Spoiler alert – this post is about one of my listings 😉

My mind is busy, stuffed, running, going 100 miles a minute, cluttered. What ever you want to call it, I had a lapse in focus this morning because of this Busy Mind issue. I don’t know about all of you but when I shower I have a routine. Shampoo, condition, face, body, rinse (top to bottom). Well, while my mind was focused somewhere else my shower got all confused and out-of-order 🙂


This is where my mind was!!

I was thinking about one of my listing this morning. We just reduced the price to $614,900. This picture is gorgeous but doesn’t do the home justice. You can read about the home specs on my featured listing page. That is besides the point.

The point is…I have come up with a solution to the shower predicament I found myself in this morning. You need to buy this home. Give me a call, I’ll get it all set up and worked out for you 😀

Rental Property Investment

24 05 2011

Just some food for thought here.

There are 23 active condo listing in southern PG county between $16,000-$45,000. Don’t believe me; take a look for yourselves. Now some of them do need work. Lets say $5000. Plus closing cost. Lets estimate high and say $3000. So for roughly $53,000 cash you could be the owner of a monthly rental income, and that is if you purchase one at the $45k. These properties rent from $900 for a single bedroom and up to $1600 for three bedrooms.

Brake down:

$53,000.00 initial investment

$500.00 yearly condo fee (owner always pays condo fee)

$500.00 yearly home warranty (always a good idea in case something breaks)

$1600.00 (equal to first mo. rent) Listing fee


$55,600.00 Total investment

If you rent it for $1600 a month it will take you around 3 years to get back your investment if you manage it yourself. If you have a management co. do it, take 10% off each month. At $1440.00 around three and a half years.

After that you have a steady  income of the rent amount.