The Art of Handwriting

7 09 2021

Today my sellers, the title agent and myself were sitting around a table for settlement discussing signatures. The title agent had a tattoo of her fathers signature. It was a beautiful tattoo and a beautiful signature. My mother had a beautiful signature as well, perfect cursive. My sellers were of the same era as my Mother and had great signatures. The title agent and myself were around the same age-ish and although we both new cursive our signatures were less legible. However we both could read and write cursive. The title agent told a story about when her 17 year old neice went to the bank to open a checking account and printed her name on the signature line. The bank wouldn’t take it. They said she needed to sign not print. To which she responded she didn’t know how.

Handwriting is not longer taught in schools. So the younger generations can’t read or write it. It got me thinking about my own skills. Although I was taught cursive in school, other than my signature I don’t use it. I prefer to print or in most cases type. For a fun test I took out a lined notepad and wrote out the alphabet.

As you can see I got some letters wrong and for the life of me I couldn’t even remember how to begin writing a capital G. So how about you? Can you beat the test and get all the letters correct? No cheating, write your abc’s with out a guide. Let me know how you did.

How to Insert a Hyperlink in an Email

30 04 2021

Step One:

Compose a new email. In the body of the email, name (type in) what you are trying to link. I like to give it a title so the recipient has a general idea of what they are opening.

Step Two:

Go to the webpage and find the specific content you are trying to link to. Highlight the entire web address and hit CTRL C or right click and select copy.

Step Three:

Go back to the email you are composing. Highlight the link title you have typed in and click on the link bottom at the bottom left of the window.

Step Four:

Step three will bring up an edit link window. Select the box labeled – To what URL should this link go? – Then hit CTRL V or right click and select paste.

Step Five:

Once your web address is pasted click OK.

Step Six:

The link is set up and you are done. However I recommend you double check the link will go to the correct site. To do this you can left click on your newly created hyperlink. It will pull up a small window below. Left click on the web address.

Step Seven:

Step six will pull up the web page you are trying to link to. If it does not, your hyperlink did not work. Go back to step six and click on “change”. This will pull up the edit link window again. From here you can follow step 2, 4 and 5 to try to reinsert the hyperlink.

Disabled Veteran Property Tax Relief

26 02 2021