FSBO Safety

31 10 2017

Safety Key

Safety is a real concern for Realtors everywhere. There have been many attacks on realtors that have made national news. We take courses on how to stay safe in the work place. The National Association of Realtors puts out reports with safety tips and statistics. We carry pepper spray and meet first time clients in public places. We have systems in place in the event we don’t check in after a showing, and so much more.

However we never hear about FISBO safety. If fact I don’t think I have ever discussed it openly with anyone until recently when I was having a conversation with my broker.

So for all you owners that have decided to go it alone and tread the waters of selling your home by yourself, here are some safety tips from a professional.

  • No matter how eager you are to sell your home, don’t invite strangers in when they knock on your door.
  • Meet potential buyers in a public place.
  • Take a picture of the driver’s license for anyone entering your home.
  • Have potential buyers email you a copy of their pre-approval letter. If they don’t have one, they are not ready to buy a home and need to get one before they can view your home.
  • Be aware of the possibility that someone is just staking out your home to see what they can steal from you.
  • Have some type of security system installed in your home. Even if it is something as simple as a ring doorbell.
  • Let someone else know when you have buyers coming by. Go as far as sending them a copy of your buyer’s driver’s license.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn someone away if they are making you uncomfortable. Let them know they can see the house at a later time and then have someone with you for their rescheduled viewing.

I’m sure there are many more tips you should consider but this is a start.

We live in a world where these safety concerns are part of everyday life. So if you know someone who is selling their home please pass the information along.


Spice cabinet DIY project

2 11 2015

We have all see the plastic expandable shelves, the hook on the cabinet door, and even the turntable spice rakes meant to help organize your spice cabinet. Honestly I really didn’t like any of these options for mine. Every time I’m in a store that sells organizers I look for something that would fit what I was envisioning but haven’t been able to find anything. Finally I was so sick of my cabinet looking like this…

The Before


that I decided to try a DIY project.

Here are the supplies…


The assembling of the supplies…

In the Works 1

The fit…

In the Works 2

The completed project…

The After

I am supper impressed with myself but my family was just like “OK”. Let me know what you think.

Another Tax

6 05 2015

House 3

Another tax on homes is being proposed for Charles County residents! Please attend the County FY16 budget hearing on Wednesday, May 20th at 6:30 p.m. in the County Government Building, 200 Baltimore Street, La Plata, MD. Tell the Commissioners, “No more taxes on my home!”

SOMD News – Beware of proposed transfer tax

Open House

13 08 2014


New High School Zone for Charles County MD

10 04 2013

The school board has finally released the tentative plans for the new high school zoning in Charles County Maryland. It is my understanding that over the next few months certain entities will have the opportunity to weigh in on the plans. The public will get to have their say as well. The meeting is scheduled from 6:30-9 p.m., April 22nd, at North Point High School and from 6:30-9 p.m., April 23rd, at La Plata High School. After taking into consideration all input the board should make a decision about which plan will be put into place. I have compiled a rough map of the two plans (see below). For a more accurate idea of the new zones and my source please visit www.ccboe.com

New School Zone

New Construction in Charles County Maryland

21 03 2013

We have a lot of new construction going up in Charles County. I thought I would take a minute to list some of single family detached homes for you.

Quality Built – 2 locations:

North Point, Waldorf, MD 20603

  • 7 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Coachman’s Path, Waldorf, MD 20601.

  • 14 Floor plans
  • Base price is low to mid $400,000

Lennar – 3 Locations

Portfield Crossing, Waldorf 20603

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Gleneagles, Waldorf 20602

  • 7 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Heritage at St. Charles, White Plains 20695

  • 55 Adult Community
  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $200,000

Ryan Homes – 7 locations

Sunridge, White Plains 20695

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Fieldside at St. Charles, Waldorf 20602

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is high $200,000

Worthington and Greenhaven Run, White Plains 20695

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Autumn Hills, Waldorf 20603

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Colonial Charles Sf, Waldorf 20603

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is high $200,000

Piney Grove, Waldorf 20601

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Brentwood, Waldorf 20601

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Richmond American Homes – 2 Locations

St. Charles, Waldorf 20602

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to high $300,000

Leighland Meadows, Waldorf 20603

  • 4 Floor plans
  • Base Price is high $300,000

KB Homes – 2 Locations

Middletown Woods, Waldorf 20603

  • 8 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Stonebridge, Waldorf 20601

  • 3 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low $300,000

Steuart Kret Homes – 2 Locations

Highgrove, White Plains 20695

  • 6 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Inverness, Hughesville 20637

  • 9 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $400,000

Agricopia, La Plata 20646

  • 6 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $400,000

The Village of Steeple Chase – 1 Location

  • 7 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid $300,000
  • La Plata

D.R.Horton – 2 Locations

North Point, Waldorf 20603

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid $300,000

Worthington, White Plains 20695

  • Base Price is high $200,000

New construction is a great way to purchase a hassle free home with no worries. You can pick you colors (cabinets, counter tops, paint, carpet, floors) and move in the day of settlement with out having to fix anything.

If you would like more information about any of the floor-plans or would like to make an appointment to look at a model feel free to give me a call.

It’s All About The Score

27 02 2013

So before I start I have a few disclaimers. First regardless of the title of this post it is not ALL about the score. However it does play a large part in it. Second I am not a loan officer, accountant, attorney, and whom ever else would be licensed to give advice in such matters. The comments and statements below are solely my opinion. Nothing more.

Credit Score

Credit is a big factor in real estate. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, your credit will be pulled and scrutinized. I find when it comes to credit everyone can be grouped into a few simple categories.

Credit? What is that? The “I don’t have any and wouldn’t know where to start.”

Credit smedit! Who needs it. The “I just don’t care what happens or how I look on paper.”

Credit, you mean opportunities. The “I will meticulously maintain my credit.”

CREDIT, OH MY HECK HELP!! The “I fell on rough times and can’t even imagine getting out of the hole I am in.”

So there isn’t much I can say to help out the two middle categories. “Smedit” wouldn’t even consider beginning to listen and “Opportunities” probably knows more than me and doesn’t need to listen to anything I would have to say.

With the other two the process will be quite the same. There is, as with most thing, several things you can do. Many choices and avenues along the path of good credit. I am going to talk about just one. The one I find the most simple and the one you can go out and do this very minute. Get a department store credit card. Sears, Kohl’s, JC Penney, etc.The credit limit will vary. I don’t pretend to know why one person can have 5000 and another 500. I would hazard a guess and say income. It doesn’t matter. That amount, for this scenario, is insignificant. What you need to do next is USE IT. I find there is a reluctance. If you have no credit it is a big step, if you have low credit there is a fear of digging the hole deeper. Part of the process is showing you are responsible with your money. So if you have the cash to buy something use your card instead and set the cash aside to pay it off when the bill comes. If you don’t have the cash, don’t use the card. That is all there is to it.

It is always good to talk to a loan officer to see where you are and what you need to do to move forward. Let me know if you want to take that first step. I would be happy to supply a few names.