New Construction in Charles County Maryland

21 03 2013

We have a lot of new construction going up in Charles County. I thought I would take a minute to list some of single family detached homes for you.

Quality Built – 2 locations:

North Point, Waldorf, MD 20603

  • 7 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Coachman’s Path, Waldorf, MD 20601.

  • 14 Floor plans
  • Base price is low to mid $400,000

Lennar – 3 Locations

Portfield Crossing, Waldorf 20603

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Gleneagles, Waldorf 20602

  • 7 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Heritage at St. Charles, White Plains 20695

  • 55 Adult Community
  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $200,000

Ryan Homes – 7 locations

Sunridge, White Plains 20695

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Fieldside at St. Charles, Waldorf 20602

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is high $200,000

Worthington and Greenhaven Run, White Plains 20695

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Autumn Hills, Waldorf 20603

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Colonial Charles Sf, Waldorf 20603

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is high $200,000

Piney Grove, Waldorf 20601

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Brentwood, Waldorf 20601

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Richmond American Homes – 2 Locations

St. Charles, Waldorf 20602

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to high $300,000

Leighland Meadows, Waldorf 20603

  • 4 Floor plans
  • Base Price is high $300,000

KB Homes – 2 Locations

Middletown Woods, Waldorf 20603

  • 8 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $300,000

Stonebridge, Waldorf 20601

  • 3 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low $300,000

Steuart Kret Homes – 2 Locations

Highgrove, White Plains 20695

  • 6 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $300,000

Inverness, Hughesville 20637

  • 9 Floor plans
  • Base Price is low to mid $400,000

Agricopia, La Plata 20646

  • 6 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid to high $400,000

The Village of Steeple Chase – 1 Location

  • 7 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid $300,000
  • La Plata

D.R.Horton – 2 Locations

North Point, Waldorf 20603

  • 5 Floor plans
  • Base Price is mid $300,000

Worthington, White Plains 20695

  • Base Price is high $200,000

New construction is a great way to purchase a hassle free home with no worries. You can pick you colors (cabinets, counter tops, paint, carpet, floors) and move in the day of settlement with out having to fix anything.

If you would like more information about any of the floor-plans or would like to make an appointment to look at a model feel free to give me a call.

It’s All About The Score

27 02 2013

So before I start I have a few disclaimers. First regardless of the title of this post it is not ALL about the score. However it does play a large part in it. Second I am not a loan officer, accountant, attorney, and whom ever else would be licensed to give advice in such matters. The comments and statements below are solely my opinion. Nothing more.

Credit Score

Credit is a big factor in real estate. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, your credit will be pulled and scrutinized. I find when it comes to credit everyone can be grouped into a few simple categories.

Credit? What is that? The “I don’t have any and wouldn’t know where to start.”

Credit smedit! Who needs it. The “I just don’t care what happens or how I look on paper.”

Credit, you mean opportunities. The “I will meticulously maintain my credit.”

CREDIT, OH MY HECK HELP!! The “I fell on rough times and can’t even imagine getting out of the hole I am in.”

So there isn’t much I can say to help out the two middle categories. “Smedit” wouldn’t even consider beginning to listen and “Opportunities” probably knows more than me and doesn’t need to listen to anything I would have to say.

With the other two the process will be quite the same. There is, as with most thing, several things you can do. Many choices and avenues along the path of good credit. I am going to talk about just one. The one I find the most simple and the one you can go out and do this very minute. Get a department store credit card. Sears, Kohl’s, JC Penney, etc.The credit limit will vary. I don’t pretend to know why one person can have 5000 and another 500. I would hazard a guess and say income. It doesn’t matter. That amount, for this scenario, is insignificant. What you need to do next is USE IT. I find there is a reluctance. If you have no credit it is a big step, if you have low credit there is a fear of digging the hole deeper. Part of the process is showing you are responsible with your money. So if you have the cash to buy something use your card instead and set the cash aside to pay it off when the bill comes. If you don’t have the cash, don’t use the card. That is all there is to it.

It is always good to talk to a loan officer to see where you are and what you need to do to move forward. Let me know if you want to take that first step. I would be happy to supply a few names.

What is a USDA Loan?

25 02 2013

I recently saw this question making the rounds and thought I should take a moment to answer.

Tree - 15

First off let me post a link.

This is the site you want to go to for all the nuts and bolts of the USDA (Rural Development) Loan

The gist is you get 100% financing for a qualified house if you are a qualified buyer. Use the link above and follow the tab labeled ELIGIBILITY.

The property will need to be in a rural area as specified by USDA. They have a link on the site that allows you to look up an address to double-check. On a side note in March 2013 the boundaries will be changing so a house that qualified last month may not qualify next month.

Maximum Adjusted Household Income for Charles County, Maryland is $101,000.00 annually for a family of 4.

If you want to work through the process and get pre-approved speaking to a loan officer (I would be happy to supply a few names) is going to be your best bet.

U14 Girls Fall Soccer Schedule

2 09 2012


Date Time Field Snack
Sat. 9-8-12 11:30 BRT-12 Maria
Sat. 9-15-12 10:15 BRT-12 Torri
Sat. 9-22-12 12:45 BRT-12 Jaelyn
Sat. 9-29-12 9:00 BRT-12 Ciara
Sat. 10-6-12 11:30 LS-1 Sydney
Sat. 10-13-12 10:15 BRT-12 Kiera
Sat. 10-20-12 10:15 BRT-12 Hannah
Sat. 10-27-12 9:00 LS-1 Timmie

BRT = Bryantown

LS = Laurel Springs




21 08 2012


12009 Pierce Rd

17 07 2012
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Summer Fun

11 06 2012

Today is Charles County’s last day of public school for the summer.

So what now? Plenty of Kids needing things to do and plenty of parents needing low-cost, safe, ideas to entertain the rug-rats.

First off everyone should have a reading and math packet or assignment to work on over the break. A little advice..

Get it done now!

The stress of back to school is always doubled when you have to worry about cramming two month homework packets into two night homework packets. My kids will have a mandatory 30 minute homework session everyday before they can play games,  watch TV, hang out with friends, ect. I recommend everyone implement this rule.

Now back to the fun part of summer.

1. Swimming

What would summer be without a little water.  If your home owners association doesn’t have a pool to chill at; Charles County does.

For those of you wanting to stay out of the sun try North Point or Lackey. Both have indoor pools. For outdoor pools you have the option of La Plata, McDonough, and Stone High Schools.

Prices for all public pools

ages 2 & under are free

3-12 $4 per visit or 12 day pass $30

13-59 $5 per visit or 12 day pass $40

60 & over $4 per visit or 12 day pass $30

12 day passes are usable at all pools, so you can mix and match. They expire 6 months after date of purchase.

2. Skate Park

Yup Charles County has a skate park. Skateboarding, in-line skating and biking. 1015 St. Charles Parkway, White Plains, MD 20695

Ages 6-17 $3 or $75 for season pass. 18 and over $4 or $95. Season pass is good through April 1st.

Call 301-638-5208 for more information. Don’t for get to ask about equipment rentals.

3. The Park

I know the park is not very original but with free fishing, hiking, pavilions for parties, Playground equipment, BBQ’s and picnic tables, even dog parks; how can you go wrong? Charles Countyhas a large list of parks you can enjoy. For young kids I recommend Laurel Springs Regional Park: 5940 Radio Station Road, La Plata, MD 20646 they have a very impressive play area.

4. The Capital Club House

5. The Heron’s Flight

Courtesy of Southern Maryland Trails. The Heron’s Flight features 25 locations. You can eat, drink, shop, fish, or just go for a nice stroll.

6. Water Fight

What kids doesn’t like having a water fight on a hot day. You can get some cheap water guns at the 99 cent store but your money will go further with water balloons. Don’t like the mess water balloons make try using sponge balls. Grab a few packs of cheap kitchen sponges, cut each sponge lengthwise into six 1/2 inch strips. Gather together about 15 of the strips, using heavy string or yarn, wrap around the middle knotting it tightly. Spread the ends out to create a ball like look.  For the fight you want to place them in buckets of water strategically placed around the yard.

7. Summer Camps

Summer camps can get a little pricey, especially if you have more than one child but sometimes they are worth it. Charles County offers several:

  •  Summer Day Camp: Mon-Fri Jun 25-Aug 3 8:00am-4:00pm.$105/week
  • All Star Sports Camp: Mon-Fri Jul 9-13 8:00am-4:00pm, Mon-Fri Jul 16-20 8:00am-4:00pm. $130/week
  • Campnastics: Age: 6-12 Mon-Fri  Jun 25-Aug 17 9:00am-4:00pm. $130/week
  • Junior Campnastics: Age: 4-6, Jun 25-29 9:00am-Noon, Jul 9-13 9:00am-Noon, Jul 23-27 9:00am-Noon, Aug 6-10 9:00am-Noon. $85/week
  • Aqua Fun & Fitness Camp: Mon-Fri Jul 16-20 8:00am-4:00pm. $160
  • Tightline Basketball Camp: Mon-Fri Jun 25-29 9:00am-4:00pm. Full day $150, half day $80
  • Sensible Soccer Camp: Mon-Fri Jul 16-20 9:00am-4:00pm. $170

To sign up or get more information call Charles County Department of Community Services 301-934-9305 • 301-870-3388

Hopefully you are able to enjoy your summer. It is going to be hot so remember to have water on hand at all time.

Aug. 27, 2012 is the first day back to school.