Steps to Renting

Four Steps to Renting a home:

  1. Going over your wish list – In person is always nice but we can discuss your needs over the phone as well. I can email you the properties that meet your criteria. I will need to know:
    • When do you need to move by?
    • Where do you want to live?
    • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?
    • Do you have a pet?
    • What type of home are you looking for (detached, townhouse, duplex)?
    • What is your credit like?
  2. Making an appointment – Out of the properties I sent, you need to pick four-five you would consider renting. We will set a time that is convenient for both of us to take a look inside your favorites.
  3. Applying process – Every company has a different application and application fee. We can sit down in my office to fill out the application or you can take it home and bring it back filled out. Some companies will accept cash for their application fee, others would like it in money order form. When all the paperwork is in order I will give you a copy and send a copy on to the Listing agent. They will either accept or decline your application. If it is declined we will go over the reason together and based on that decided what is your next step.
  4. Acceptance – When your application is accepted, we will make an appointment with the listing agent for the lease signing. You will need your security deposit and the first months rent.

What about my Credit?

The processing fee when you turn in an application is used to check your rental and job history but above all else your credit. There are several deciding factors when it comes to credit. The score is a big one as well as your debt to income ratio. If your score is high but your debt is around sixty present (or higher) of your income it will be hard to find a place listed by an agent. Additionally if your score is below the five hundreds, it may be hard to find you a place. I  recommend searching for a home in the classifieds or on rent by owner sites. I can also put you in touch with St. Charles Apartments, they are a little less strict about credit. Keep in mind any properties connected with a management or real estate company, has an agent working for the owner to find the best possible tenant.

To find out what schools services your new rental head to Charles County Board of Education.

You should also look up the Neighborhood crime stats at Charles County Sheriffs Department.

For some fun facts about Southern MD head to Things you should know about SOMD.

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