Ham Rolls

22 08 2011


2 Flour Tortillas

1 Thinly Sliced Tomato

1 Thinly Sliced Cucumber

Ham Slices

Swiss Cheese Slices

Berry Cream Cheese Spread


Start with a Tortilla.


Spread on Cream Cheese.


Add second Tortilla.


Again spread with Cream Cheese.


Cover one Tortilla with sliced Cucumber.


Cover Cucumbers with sliced Tomatoes.


Add two slices Swiss Cheese.


Layer on Ham Slices (I like 2-3 layers depending on how thin the slices are).


Roll up Ham side first.


It should look like this.


Cut into 1 1/2 to 2 inch pieces.


And wa-la Ham Rolls.


Ham Florentine Wreath

6 01 2011

Left over Christmas ham recipe

I am always looking for good recipes to use my leftover holiday food with. This year I tried the Ham Florentine Wreath. It turned out so beautiful I had to take a picture and post it.


I got the recipe out of an old Pampered Chef cook book.

2 packages (8 oz ea) refrigerated crescent rolls – I used three

1 package (10 oz) frozen, chopped spinach, thawed and well drained – I used a 16 oz package

1 1/2 cups diced cook ham – I chopped up leftover honey glazed ham and used about 2 1/2 cups maybe a little more

1/4 cup green onions with tops, thinly sliced – I don’t like onion, so I don’t use them.

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1 1/4 cups (5 oz) shredded Swiss cheese – I buy preshredded packages, cuts back on time

1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper

2 plum tomatoes, sliced

1 egg white, lightly beaten

1/4 cup sliced natural almonds, chopped – I never have them at the house

preheat oven 375o

  1. Combine spinach, ham and green onions in large bowl.
    • add 1 cup cheese
    • mayonnaise
    • black pepper
    • mix well
  2. Unroll crescent dough; separating into precut triangles. With wide end in center arrange in a circle on large round stone or round pizza pan (triangle points will  extend over pan edge) Press base of triangles together to form slightly scooped area for mixture.
  3. Scoop mixture onto circle, filling crescent dough.
  4. Arrange sliced tomatoes overlapping on top of mixture.
  5. sprinkle remaining cheese on top of the tomatoes.
  6. Pull triangle points over filling tucking under triangle base. I had one extra crescent triangle so I filled it, rolled it, and placed it in the center of the wreath. Brush egg whites over wreath to create glaze. Sprinkle nuts on top.
  7. Bake 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.