Who is Smarter You or Your Mom?

18 07 2011

This morning, while I was desperately trying to avoid getting up and starting my day, the radio topic was about how Google has made my generation dumb. We don’t need to commit facts to memory because we can just search it. So in a one on one with someone older they would know more about – insert topic here. Depending on the topic I am sure this would work but really is it Google’s fault? I am the type that if I am not using it everyday I lose it. So take ancient roman history. How often do you think that topic comes up in day-to-day dealings? Even something simple we learned in school like how long my entrails are. Honestly if I’m not a Doctor and using that knowledge everyday, do I really need that little tidbit of information?

So back the original question. “Who is smarter me or my mom?” I will concede when it comes to all the stuff I was supposed to commit to memory in grades K-12 my mom will outsmart me any day. However, she is from the “we don’t do technology” generation. Who doesn’t use some type of technology every day? Because I use it every day I know it, or will be able to learn it quickly. Unlike my mother who take hours just to login to her facebook account. “How do I find my password again?” “You are supposed to have it memorized Mom.”

Photo by Dan

With that in mind you tell me; Who is smarter you or your mom?

The Hidden Picture

31 03 2011

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good intrigue/mystery. I stumbled upon one this week and it was very exciting for all of a day and a half.

The Background:

I bought a photo from a yard sale about 10 years ago; give or take a few. It was a small blue framed angel. I am sure at some point I had it hanging on the wall but since this last move (3 years ago) it has sat on a shelf, collecting dust, waiting for a home. Spring cleaning found me giving it to my daughter to put up in her room.

The Intrigue:

My daughter being an 11 year old girl and apparently not liking angels, decided to keep the frame and swap out the photo. Behind the angel picture (which turned out to be a greeting card) was a mystery man. A young football player had hidden his picture in the frame. He signed the front but his signature was a little hard to read. On the back he says “To the lucky person who gets my picture keep it forever. Love Nathen E. May 31 1998”

The Mystery:

So who is this guy? I personally think this was awesome and plan to put hidden photos in all my yard sale junk from now on. But what possessed a teenage boy to do such a thing? What kind of man did he turn out to be? Mostly I just want to know if I can track him down.

The Search:

So I started with what I knew. His name is Nathen E. Google didn’t pull up much to go on, neither did Facebook. I know the general area where I bought it and that his football helmet says Lions. Again not so easy. I found a school but the team uniform doesn’t match. Then there is his signature. Upon closer inspection I think it says Essman. Back to Google there is a Nathen Morris Essman on Memory lane who graduated in the correct area and his school are the Lions. I think it has to be him. He doesn’t have a Facebook account but Googling his full name pulled up a wedding announcement and his wife Sherah is on Facebook.

The Results:

Me – I was wondering if you might be married to Nathen Morris Essman. I found a picture of a football player named Nathen E. and am trying to track him down.

Sherah – He doesn’t have a Facebook. I’ll tell him that you sent me a message (:

Me – This is a picture my daughter Found behind a picture I bought at a yard sale in High school

Sherah – hahahaha… how weird!

Me – Is it him?

Sherah – Ya that’s him… I have a copy of the same picture, just bigger.

Sherah – I showed him your message and he said he doesn’t know who you are and wanted to know why you were trying to get a hold of him… he’s at work right now, wanted me to ask you lol.

Me – Just a mystery with the hidden pic. I don’t really need to talk to him or anything just wanted to see if I could find him. And I guess I did 😀