New iphone 4S

1 12 2011

Just got my new iphone. Finally. I got a case that hold my cards, seems kinda cool but haven’t had it long enough to form a great opinion on it, so we will have to see on that one. The picture above was taken in my office and cropped and emailed to myself with my fancy dancy new phone.

And then there is Siri. A feature that has been seen helping people find out the weather forecast to pointing out the nearest restaurant. The say the best way to learn it to just jump in, so that is what I did. No setting the settings, adding any info. I just clicked and talked….

Me: Where did I park my car?

Siri: I don’t know where you are, but you can help me find out… In location services setting, turn on the ‘location services’ and ‘Siri’

The little paranoid Liz living inside me isn’t a big fan of giving my local out to anyone and especially any thing, like a super smart smartphone. So let’s try a new question.

Me: Who am I?

Siri: I don’t know…but you can help me find out…

more techno talk on how to set things up but I’m having too much fun and want to keep asking questions.

Me: Who is Liz Benitez?

Siri: I don’t know a Lance Benitez (it heard me wrong) did you mean…

Lance Whitaker, Richard Benitez, or Tia Ana Benitez. (it pulled from my contacts)

Me: Who is my boss?

Siri: I don’t know who your manager is… in fact I don’t know who you are.

This got a great laugh, I was trying it out with one of my coworkers Melinda Prehoda and we just busted up over this one. I tried out the changes in voice options. The Australian version sound like she is stressed out and in turn I think would stress me out, so no to that one. The British one  (United Kingdom) was cool for a bit but he seems to have a hard time understanding me. Not sure why, the other options didn’t but he asked me to speak in English, so no to him as well. The German guy sounded awesome but seeing as how I don’t speak German, I had to say no to that one. I didn’t try the French one. I figure if I can’t speak German I can’t speak French either. So the default English (United States)  lady is who I will stick with.

Alas it is time for me to stop playing with my iphone and get to work. But it was fun 😀



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