Doughnut Power

30 07 2011


My daughter made travel soccer this year. The expenses can add up so the team has been doing fundraisers. Today we did Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered kicking our sales day off right with around 500 dozen already paid for. A huge thanks to Christine DePriest and Cary Gammons who got up super early on a Saturday to get us fresh doughnuts.


Filling their cars to the brink.

We were welcomed out front of Wal-Mart in Waldorf, Advanced Auto in Waldorf, the post office in Bryantown, and Harley Davidson in Hughsville. A big thumbs down to Wal-mart in La Plata and Lowes. We were told they could not support our team and allow us to sell the donuts outside their doors. On a side note we were kind of like screw that and went anyway. We didn’t get to set up a table and we stayed back in the parking lot but were able to make a little over $100 in an hour at Lowes and even more at the La Plata Wal-mart. We had three boxes left when a Wal-mart manager told us to leave.

It was a long, hot day but the girls were amazing collecting just as many donation as doughnut sales. I haven’t gotten the totals but with donations and sales I am sure it was a success.

We have a sponsorship setup with several levels of contribution and benefit packages. If anyone is interested in supporting the Waldorf Fire Soccer team let me know I’ll get you the information. You can follow the link to read all about us yourself.



2 responses

8 08 2011
Margaret Ivory

Have you considered doing an online fundraiser?

8 08 2011
Liz Benitez

We are considering everything. Right now a football tickets raffle is in the works, as well as a car wash, and a few other things. I’ll pass along your information to our fundraising coordinator. Thanks

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