Ahhh the Wonder of Warm Weather

18 03 2011

As a fellow Blogger often says “It is Friday and Fridays are for fun.” Today is just that kind of Friday. The weather is amazing (don’t look it up you’ll see tomorrows forecast and it will dampen your delight of this sunny day) just step out side and bask in the wonder that is 79 degree weather.

Things to do on a warm Friday afternoon:

  • Walk the dog – you’ll get some nice outdoor exercise and a tan.
  • Park picnic – well hello FOOD and did I mention a tan.
  • Window shop – who knows you might see something you just have to have.
  • Yard work – I know, I know is sounds like… well like WORK but it is the perfect time to get to that flower bed you have been neglecting all winter.
  • Wash the car – AND if you get a cheeseburger and someone to film it you can do one of those sexy, eating mouth watering food, wet, sudsy, car wash videos. Post it on you-tube and you might go viral all because of this wonderful Friday weather.
  • Feed the ducks – bike down to your local pond and give away some bread to those over fed quakers. Like I said “you’ll get some nice outdoor exercise and a tan.”
  • and who can forget – Call a Realtor – wonderful day to look at some houses 😀




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