Step Four

Submit an offer

So you have found a home and decided how much you want to pay. When we submit the offer I’ll need your pre-qual letter (It is nice to have the number of your loan officer so I can communicate with them) and your Earnest money deposit. We will discuss things like what home inspections (if any) you want performed, how much closing help you need, when you want to close, and more.  When we sit down to sign all the paperwork I will take the time to go over it with you.

Once all the signing and initialing is done I’ll give you a copy of everything and send a copy to the sellers agent. One of three things will happen next:

  1. The contract is accepted
  2. The contract is declined
  3. The contract is countered

If the contract is accepted we move on to step five. If the contract is declined we move back to step three. If it is countered I will go over with you the terms they changed and we can either accept, decline, or re-counter with a new offer. The goal in the end is to have a contract that both the seller and you (the buyer) can agree upon. Once this is achieved we move on to step five.

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