Step Seven

Live it up

Congrats you are now a home owner. Most people will paint the walls and move on in. I recommend looking into a home security system (call me I might have a discount running ). If your purchase didn’t include a home warranty you should consider getting one (they are really a money saver when the appliances stop working). Don’t forget to go to the post office for an address change.  Have a house worming party. Your friends and family are all going to want to see your new place and this is a good way to show everyone all at once. Plus you know getting gifts is always fun too.

Here is a list of easy DIU projects that can make your house feel like your own (most products can be purchased at your local hardware store):

  • Change the front door locks – or even the front door altogether
  • Pick out new cabinet hardware for your kitchen and bathrooms
  • Change light fixtures to have a universal theme through out the home that reflects your tastes
  • Purchase new curtains and curtain rods to match your home decor
  • Organize your closest (the rail system allows for changing needs)
  • Replace faceplates on light switches and outlets
  • It is always fun to have your own barbecue

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