Step One

Speak with a Loan Officer

Why is this the first step?

You always want to find out where your qualifying price is. A Loan Officer will be able to quickly go over your Credit, Income, & Assets (CIA) and give you not only your price range but also advise you on your best financial options. You may qualify for down payment assistance, a VA loan, a FHA Loan, or one of many other programs and Loans established to help in the buying process.

Most credit unions will have a home mortgage department and an application process to prequalify for a home loan.  If you don’t have one in mind call or email me. I have a list of Loan Officer in the area.

You will want to have:

  • your most current pay stubs (at least two weeks)
  • bank statements (two years)
  • your recent tax return paperwork
  • all your asset info (homes, cars, stocks, etc…)
  • all your credit line info (credit cards, car loans, store cards, etc…)

Once you have spoken with a Loan Officer and gotten a pre-qualification letter you are ready to move on to step two.

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